Acoustilyzer Acoustic Analyzer AL1 NTI Audio

Mã sản phẩm: AL1 |
Thương hiệu: NTI Audio

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Máy đo và phân tích âm thanh Acoustic Analyzer  NTI Audio AL1

Model: AL1 
Hãng: NTI Audio

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Thông tin sản phẩm
Sound Level Meter
In addition to the familiar instantaneous and integrated sound pressure level (SPL) measurements, the repeatable LEQ and LCpeak measurements complete the event monitoring requirements. The AL1 visualizes the actual audio spectrum (RTA) without interrupting ongoing sound level measurements. All measurement results may be logged to the internal memory for further investigations.

RTA, Real Time Analyzer
The enhanced real time spectrum analyzer (RTA) features high speed measurements with selectable 1/1 and 1/3 octave bandwidth. The RTA simultaneously provides real time single band SPL and LEQ measurements complying with IEC 60804. Stored spectra may be averaged or combined by using the available mathematical functions. The “Max-Min” display is particularly helpful for finding dominant room modes and characterization of listening areas.

Zoom FFT
The AL1 offers a fast, real-time Zoom FFT with resolutions up to 0.7 Hz over the entire frequency range. This is the ideal tool for visualization of comb filters and narrow band effects. Features further include detailed cursor readout and data storage.

RT60, Reverberation Time
Reverberation time is measured in accordance with ISO3382 in octave audio bands (8 bands from 63 Hz to 8 kHz), including smart trigger and ranging features. The RT60 measurement with 1/3 octave resolution is supported by post processing. The test result reliability is displayed with confidence indicators. Suitable gated pink noise sequences are included in the Minirator MR-PRO and on the supplied Test-CD.

Delay Time
The propagation delay time measurement for speaker setups is conducted between the electrical input of the AL1 and the built-in microphone. Automatic difference calculation simplifies the verification of correct delay arrangements for larger halls and auditoriums. A designated chirp is provided by the Minirator MR-PRO or the supplied Test-CD.

Electrical Measurement Functions
Besides the polarity verification for speakers and systems the AL1 includes basic electrical functions like Level RMS and distortion (THD+N) measurement. Unique smart features, like the "Balance indicator" (immediately showing balanced / unbalanced problems of the connected signals), support fast debugging of audio systems.

Speech Intelligibility STIPA (optional)
The STIPA analyzer option allows durable and reliable speech intelligibility measurement within 15 seconds (typical). Besides the single value STI or CIS test result, a detailed view of modulation indices and individual band level results is provided. The STIPA analyzer includes amplitude weighting in accordance with the 2003 IEC 60268-16 standards release.
A designated STIPA test signal is provided by the Minirator MR-PRO or the supplied Test-CD.

Acquired measurements may be referenced to previously-established background noise level spectras with automatic recalculation of the STI values.

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