SIMCO - máy đo điện trở bề mặt ST-4

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Máy đo điện trở bề mặt SIMCO ST-4

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Máy đo điện trở bề mặt SIMCO ST-4

Measurement range 10 3~ 10 13 (omega / □ or Ω)
Measurement mode ① standard measurement mode 
(Ohm Per Square, Surface Resistivity) 
② mat surface - Matt ground terminal between the resistance measurement mode 
(Ohms, Resistivity to Ground) 
the supplied code use 
resistance measurement mode of ③IEC standard 
electrode of the IEC standard (contact area and weight method of measuring in the manner of)
LCD Display Index display (display up to one decimal place) 
display of the countdown of measurement time by the bar graph 
battery level indicator
LED Display ①TEST 
green LED lights: standard measurement mode display 
(Ohm per square, Surface Resistivity) 
red LED lights up: Matt - between the ground terminal resistance measurement mode 
(Ohms, Resistivity to Ground) 
and display of resistance measurement mode of the IEC standard 
② measured voltage display ( 10V, 100V) 
green LED lights: 10V output 
red LED lights: 100V output 
yellow LED lights: the end of measurement 
red LED lights up: during the battery charge display
Measurement time 15s, 30s, 60s
Range setting Can range setting of upper and lower limit with respect to the measurement value 
(0.5 square every possible setting)
Measurement accuracy Index display value ± 0.5 (index) (for example; 10 8.5 0.5 )
Measured voltage Automatically the voltage switching 
sixth power from ①3 power: 10V, 10MA Max 
②6 square from 13 square: 100V, 1mA max
Power supply Method due to its built-in battery
External connection terminal ① external electrode connector 
②AC adapter connector (battery charging) {USB mini type}
Measurement area 50mm (electrode length) × 50mm (electrode spacing) (at the time of surface resistance measurement)
Electrode material Special conductive rubber (volume resistivity 0.02Ω · cm MAX.)
Measurement environment 15 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, less than 60% RH
Body dimensions 114 (W) × 78 (D) × 69 (H) MAX. (Mm)
Case Material Stainless
weight Body about 700g accessories code about 25g

IEC measuring electrode
 φ 6.35 mm ± 0.5 mm × 112.7 mm (H)
Electrode material stainless
Electrode weight 2.5 kg ± 0.25 kg
IEC standard It conforms to IEC 61340-2-3

Connection station
 100 mm × 70 mm × 29.2 mm
Material Electrode part: Stainless steel 
insulation: Teflon, nylon 66
External connection terminal Banana jack for ①IEC measuring electrode connection 
②M4 screw holes

Accessory code
Cable insulation material

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