Precision Impedance Analyzers 6565 Wayne Kerr

Mã sản phẩm: 6565 |
Thương hiệu: Wayne Kerr

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Precision Impedance Analyzers
Model: 6565
Hãng: Wayne Kerr

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The 6565 HF DC Bias Unit is intended to be used with a Wayne Kerr 6500 analyzer, either the 6500B Precision Impedance Analyzer or the 6500P HF LCR Meter. Its function is to provide a source of DC bias current through the Device Under Test (DUT) while the analyzer is making AC measurements. Each 6565 unit can provide up to 10 A of DC current, and up to six 6565 units can be connected in parallel to supply a maximum 60 A. A digital ammeter on the front panel allows the user to see the dc bias current value and an indicator LED shows when the bias current is enabled.

High current 50Ω coaxial cable is used to carry the DC bias current from the 6565 unit to the fixture. The measurement signal from the 6500 analyzer front panel is connected to the fixture using a dedicated cable, a control cable connects the rear panels of the 6500 and 6565, and a safety interlock cable is connected from the fixture to the rear panel of the 6565.

No comparable system is currently available from other manufacturers
Allows measurements up to 120 MHz to be made with 40 A DC Bias Current flowing through the Device Under Test
Measurements up to 15 MHz can be made with 60A DC Bias Current
6500B analyzer allows measurements to be made while sweeping DC Bias Current in value
Frequency swept measurements with different DC Bias Currents can be compared using the 6500B Reference Trace facility
Wayne Kerr fixtures provide a safety interlock circuit and other protection circuits to protect both the operator and the equipment under fault conditions