Precision Impedance Analyzers 6500P Wayne Kerr

Mã sản phẩm: 6500P |
Thương hiệu: Wayne Kerr

Giá bán: Liên hệ
Precision Impedance Analyzers
Model: 6500P
Hãng: Wayne Kerr

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Thông tin sản phẩm
Variable drive and bias levels
AC drive levels up to 1V or 20mA can be selected to evaluate components in realistic operating environments.

The /D1 DC bias option provides 0 to +40V dc bias voltage and 0 to +100mA dc bias current while the /D2 option provides -40V to +40V dc bias voltage.

External control
The GPIB interface is used to control the instrument and read back measured values for applications such as quality control or for archiving purposes.

An Ethernet interface similarly allows the instrument to be controlled and to send out data - allowing it to be integrated into many test environments.

Wide range of interfaces
An external monitor or projector may be connected to the instrument. The ability to provide a large screen display is invaluable in production environments or for teaching and training.

Instrument control from both a keyboard and mouse is available. Any keyboard or mouse, with either PS/2 or USB interfaces, can be simply connected to provide an alternative method of instrument control and operation.

Data storage and retrieval
All measurement and setup data can be stored using the Ethernet interface or a USB flash memory (supplied as standard).

Comprehensive measurement functions

0 to +40V DC bias voltage and 0 to 100mA DC bias Current (Option)
±40V DC bias voltage (Option)
Easy to use with large TFT touch screen
Clear graphic displays aids measurements
Precise high frequency impedance measurements
Characterize components from 20 to 120 MHz
Wide range of models with maximum frequencies from 5MHz (6505P) to 120MHz (65120P)
0.05% basic measurement accuracy
Resonance Search
Intuitive user interface
Fully programmable over GPIB
Keyboard and mouse optional control
Competitively priced