Kính lúp 3R-ZOOMY 01

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Kính lúp 3R-ZOOMY 01

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Kính lúp 3R-ZOOMY 01

With a hand-held loupe, it is necessary to hold the loupe while keeping a certain distance from the object and focus it. Also, if you keep holding for a long time, you feel fatigue in your hands and arms. Just by putting
this scale magnifier ZOOMY 01 in and looking into it from the top, you can magnify it 10 times and observe it, so you do not need to adjust the focus and your hands will not close. Because the size that fits in the hand with a small observation immediately be taken out and easily whip can, ideal for use on the go is

product name Scale Magnifier
Model number / JAN code 3R-ZOOMY 01/4549462001324
Lens magnification 10 times※
Imaging Erect image
battery Lithium Polymer Battery 50 mAh
light source White LED × 2 UV LED × 2
Usage time (approx) White LED 1.5 h UV LED 1.5 h
Input Power MicroUSB / DC 5 V 2A or less
Charging time (approx) 1 hour
Material Aluminum / glass / plastic
Outline (approx) Width 45 mm Height 43 mm
Weight (approx) 70 g