For Flexible Application in the Measuring of Wall Thickness Sonetec

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Product Features

Excellent acoustic characteristics
Simple integration into automated testing systems
Compatibility with standard ultrasonic testing devices
Customer-specific adaptation possible

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The ergonomically-designed SONOSCAN wall thickness probes for non-destructive testing (NDT) are designed for use with our SONOWALL devices for the precise measurement of wall thicknesses. The probes are efficient, robust ultrasonic transducers that can be used in conjunction with all standard ultrasonic testing devices.

Due to their variety of design and size, SONOSCAN probes are optimally suited for a multitude of applications. For example, the SONOSCAN SW 5-22 for the SONOWALL 50 has been specifically designed for the measurement of wall thicknesses of pipes with small diameters. The integrated guidance system guarantees the stable coupling at curved pipe surfaces.

The unique and practical ergonomic design of the wall thickness probes enables comfortable and convenient use. In addition to our standard products, we can also manufacture customer-specific solutions.