Fault Transmitter and Receiver System SEL-FT50 AND SEL-FR12 Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

Mã sản phẩm: SEL-FT50 AND SEL-FR12 |

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Fault Transmitter and Receiver System
Model: SEL-FT50 AND SEL-FR12
Hãng: Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)

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- Think Milliseconds, Not Seconds
By providing individual branch inputs, the SEL Fault Transmitter and Receiver System allows you to engineer faster protection schemes that permit SEL distribution relays or recloser controls to make better decisions about tripping and reclosing. The SEL Fault Transmitter and Receiver System is an economical way to improve speed, selectivity, and safety on distribution feeders by providing adaptive coordination for any event.

- Reduce Operation and Maintenance Costs
Stretch your budget and get more from your power system assets. Because faults are identified fast, the fault current duration is shortened, reducing operation and maintenance costs by extending the useful life of equipment. Implementing fuse-saving schemes results in fewer truck rolls, fewer fuse replacements, and lower operation costs.

- Easy to Deploy, Easy to Maintain
The lightweight design of the SEL-FT50 makes it easy to install by simply using a hot stick to clamp it to the overhead line. The system has just a few settings, all set via control (DIP) switches. In fact, the entire system can be installed and configured without using a computer. The SEL-FT50 is rugged and line-powered, providing maintenance-free operation.

- Wireless Area Coverage Study
SEL provides a wireless fault transmitter study free of charge for the planned use of an SEL Fault Transmitter and Receiver System. Customers provide location information for the SEL-FR12, and the study identifies viable areas to install SEL-FT50 Transmitters. For larger studies, SEL offers a service for a fee through SEL Engineering Services.