Thiết bị phát hiện rò rỉ nước SeCorrPhon AC 200 Sewerin

Mã sản phẩm: SeCorrPhon AC 200 |
Thương hiệu: Sewerin

Giá bán: Liên hệ
Thiết bị phát hiện rò rỉ nước
Model : SeCorrPhon AC 200
Hãng : Sewerin

Yêu Cầu Giá Tốt

Thông tin sản phẩm
-  The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is a multifunctional leak detector offering three functions in one: prelocation, pinpointing and correlation. The clever combination of these processes in one system allows you to confidently locate the leak regardless of the ambient conditions. With just a few finger strokes, you can quickly and easily switch between the various applications.
-  The user interface of the SeCorrPhon AC 200 is clearly and logically laid out. There are many extra functions available for complex location scenarios. 
-  The SeCorrPhon AC 200 is recommended for all users undertaking professional leak detection because it can handle any everyday location scenario. It can easily measure different pipe sections, pipe materials, diameters and pipe lengths. 
-  The sophisticated firmware of the SeCorrPhon AC 200 means that the measurement sequence is almost fully automatic. Once the pipeline data has been entered and the measurement started, all other steps are performed without the intervention of the operator. The measured noises are constantly analysed in the background and the optimal filter settings selected. 
-  The SeCorrPhon AC 200 guides the user through the various applications with instructions. This means that even users with less experience and occasional users can use the device with confidence. 
-  The SeCorrPhon AC 200 independently optimises the measuring results by automatically selecting appropriate filters – without the user having to intervene. However, the filters can also be set manually.