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TESA UPD – The flexible concept that provides distinctive metrological advantages with substantial savings Direct Measurement • Permits over 90% of a 122-piece set to be checked using the same reference gauge block. All nominal lengths of the full gauge set being contained within 0,5 and 25 mm, the measuring span is therefore not exceeded.• Allows the reference gauge set to be reduced by nearly 80% against the ones needed until now.
• Provides substantial savings in the gauge block supply and recalibration through reduced set compositions.• Enables direct measurement of gauge blocks that cannot be compared with other existing gauge blocks due to their unusual nominal lengths. Comparative Measurement • Allows the gauge blocks of same
nominal lengths to be measured by comparison as usual.
• Enhances the measuring conditions, thus permitting all measurements to be taken with a lower uncertainty.
• Reduces the number of systematic errors through limited length related influences of both the upper probe A and the gauge block to be compared.

• Direct measurement of gauge blocks with a variation in nominal length of up to 25 mm or 1 in. – Enables the number of reference gauge blocks required to be reduced by nearly 80 %.
• Comparative measurement of gauge blocks having a same nominal length. – Enables lower measurement uncertainties to be achieved due to weaker influences of the systematic errors.
• Equipped with HEIDENHAIN high-precision incremental probes.
• Templates with a new concept for positioning the gauge blocks. – Single or dual template system to provide optimum ease of handling of the gauge blocks
• Integrated device for most accurate temperature acquisition. On-line transfer of both measured length and temperature values.
• Computer-aided data processing with all the corrections necessary included.