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- High functioning, High rigidity.
- Ideal for durability and repetition test due to timer and counter functions.
- Easy to set up running pattern with its control panel monitor.


Specifications for MX2 seires Motorized Test Stand

Model MX2-500N MX2-1000N MX2-2500N
Capacity 500N (50kgf) 1000N (100kgf) 2500N (250kgf)
Maximum height of a sample Please refer to “t” of Dimensions below.
Deflection at maximum load Less than 0.5mm
Test speed 10-300mm/min
Gauges that can be combined (*1) Force gauges and DPU series load cells (up to 500N)except High capacity model Force gauges, DPU series load cells (*2) Force gauges, DPU series load cells(up to 500N) (*2)
Function Manual mode, JOG mode, Cycle mode
Digital setting of speed, counter, timer
Control Emergency button,Operation control by load value(*3), Overload prevention(*3)(*4)
Safety devices Stroke limit, emergency stop button
Power AC100V-240V, free input
Size Please refer to dimensions
Weight Approx.18kg Approx.19kg Approx.26 kg
Option Long stroke, Speed range change, Linear scale, Length meter, I/O connector type2
Accessory Grip Mounting Adapter(GF-1) Grip Mounting Adapter(GF-2)High capacity model gauge mounting plate Grip Mounting Adapter(GF-2), A small type force gauge mounting plate(MX2-2PK)、
Manual, Power cable, Gauge mounting plate, Cover, Spare fuse, and Tools.

*1 Please contact us if you would like to combine other force gauges or load cells with the test stand.
*2 To mount a high capacity model gauge, another mounting plate is necessary.
*3 Valid only when combined with a digital force gauge (ZT series) and a dedicated cable
*4 We cannot ensure the perfect prevention against sensor break-down.