Thiết bị đo lưc, DS2 series, Imada, Economical Digital Force Gauge.

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- Simple function and low cost.
- Ideal for hand-use force measurement due to easy-grip design.
- Combining the force gauge with a test stand, you can use the unit as a simple testing machine.
- Able to draw a force-time graph with an optional software.


Specifications for DS2 series Economical Model Digital Force Gauge

Model DS2 series
Accuracy +/-0.2% F.S.+/-1 digit
Unit of measurement N/kfg/lbf
Display 4-digit LCD
Sampling rate 1000 data / sec. (max)
Display update 10 times / sec.
Safe overload rating Approx. 200%F.S.
Function Peak hold/Comparator/Display reverse/Damping(2 levels)
Power Internal four AA Ni/MH batteries or external AC adapter
Battery life Approx. 10 hours(Approx.10-hour charge)
Operating temperature 0 to +40 degree Celcius
Operating humidity 20 to 80% RH
Weight Approx.420g
Output Digital (RS232C), Mitutoyo Digimatic, analog (+/-1VF.S.)
Accessory 6 kinds of attachments, AC adapter, Carrying case, Instruction manual, Inspection certificate


Model table of DS2 series Economical Model Digital Force Gauge

Model Capacity Display Resolution Thread
DS2-2N 2N (200gf) 2.000N (200.0gf) 0.001N (0.1gf) M6
DS2-5N 5N (500gf) 5.000N (500.0gf) 0.001N (0.1gf)
DS2-20N 20N (2kgf) 20.00N (2.000kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
DS2-50N 50N (5kgf) 50.00N (5.000kgf) 0.01N (0.001kgf)
DS2-200N 200N (20kgf) 200.0N (10.00kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
DS2-500N 500N (50kgf) 500.0N (51.00kgf) 0.1N (0.01kgf)
DS2-1000N 1000N (100kgf) 1000N (100.0kgf) 1N (0.1kgf)

*lbf indication is also possible.




Dimensions for DS2 series Digital force gauge (Force tester)