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Small-size, versatile roughness gauge with tactile colour screen providing maximum ease of use. Ideally suited for high-precision measurements on the shop floor or in the inspection laboratory. Tactile TFT 3.5" colour screen. Direct display of all measured values and computed profiles. Measuring span Z = 1000 μm (0.039 in) X = up to 50 mm Special 2 in 1 probe can measure with contact skid (roughness measurement) or without contact skid (measure of undulation).  Vertical adjusting screw for probe positioning up to a height of 90 mm without the need of an accessory. Tolerancing of all parameters possible. USB ditial output for transfer of measured values to a PC with TESA MEASUREMENT STUDIO software (optional). Unique in its category, this instrument can also do profile measurement (Z = 2 mm) if used with PROFILE SET 2 mm (optional). Measures roughness parameters according to standards: - ISO 4287 -  12085 (CNOMO) - ISO 13565 - DIN 4776 - JIS B0601:2001 - ASME B46-2002.

Compact, versatile and powerful roughness gauge • 1000μm span in the Z axis • Measuring range of 50 mm in the X axis • W ripple profiles, P primary profile and R roughness profile measuring • 3.5'' color touch screen for ease of use • 3-position horizontal measurement at -90 °, 0 °, 90 ° • 49 roughness parameters • Special features of RUGOSURF 90G : • Supplied with SB60/10 probe with removable pad: one single probe can be used to measure roughness or undulation • RUGOSURF 90G can measure a components with a height of up to 90mm, thanks to a vertical positioning screw without any additional accessory • With the PROFILE SET 2 mm (06960100) RUGOSURF 90G becomes a profile measurement instrument with a width of 2000 μm measuring in the Z axis (optional)!