Thông tin sản phẩm
RUGOSURF 10G - Portable Roughness gauge • range 400 microns in Z • 3 horizontal measuring positions to -90 °, 0 °, 90 ° • Measurement of roughness parameter of the primary profile in addition to the roughness parameter • 31 roughness parameters in total • TFT color graphic display 2'' for optimal reading • Display of parameters and roughness profiles R and P after each measurement • Membrane keyboard IP 67

Portable, versatile gauge unit with compact design, well suited for use in goods inwards inspection, production or the measurement laboratory. 3 horizontal measuring positions of probe 0°, -90° et +90°. Measures roughness parameters according to standards:  ISO 4287  JIS B0601 DIN and ISO 12085 (MOTIF or CNOMO). TFT 2" graphic display for optimum visual representation of any measured parameters and workpiece profiles. Direct displaying of all measured values and computed profiles. 31 roughness parameters available. Flexible autonomy through mains adapter or battery pack. Data storage, printing or transfer to a PC of a maximum of 999 measured results. Possible tolerancing of all parameter values. Multilingual menu options. USB data output enabling a direct connection to a matrix printer unit or a PC equipped with RUGOSOFT 10 software (both are optional).