Inductance Decade Box,Wide Range,0-9.999H LS-400 IET Lab

Mã sản phẩm: LS-400 |
Thương hiệu: IET Lab

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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Thông tin sản phẩm
Product Highlights

Direct reading — No fumbling with multiple slide or rotary switches
The IET family of digital substituters uses convenient side-by-side thumbwheel switches. Simply dial in the desired values and use.
Standard accuracies of 1%, 0.1%, and 0.05% available.
Broad choice of standard and optional models.
A full line of standard substituters satisfies most requirements.
Direct readings eliminate potential mistakes that come from rotary or slide-switch boxes.
For easy value readings, ranges are separated by colorcoded switches and numbers.
The units are small, rugged, and portable.
Combination units, such as Resistance and Capacitance Substituter (RCS-500), are available.