Hợp bộ thử nghiệm cao áp AI-50 KEP

Mã sản phẩm: AI-50 |
Thương hiệu: KEP

Giá bán: Liên hệ
Insulation testing unit AI-50 designed for insulation testing of protective equipment (insulation rods), electric tools, as well as high voltage insulators variable-frequency, adjustable from 0 - 50 kV, with measurement of the leakage current.

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Technical Specifications

  • Parameter Value
    Supply voltage single-phase alternating current, V
    220 ± 22
    Frequency, Hz 50 ± 2
    Highest power consumption, kW, max
    Number of high voltage sources 1
    Highest output voltage, kV 50
    Range of AC voltage, kV 1-50
    Reduced error of voltage measuremen, %, max 3
    Highest output current, mA 10
    Maximum measured current, mA 9,99
    Area occupied by the device (recommended, no less), m2 2x2 
    Dimensions control unit L × W × H, mm 390×320×200 
    Dimensions high voltage unit L × W × H, mm 310×400×560
    Total net weight of the device, kg, max 100
    Lifespan, years, avg 10

  • Operating Conditions

    The device is designed for an indoors operation under the following conditions:

    Condition Value
    Air temperature, °С from 0 to +40
    Relative humidity, %, up to
    80 at +25 °С
    Atmospheric pressure, kPa (mm hg) 
    84,0 – 106,7 (630 – 800)

    The device is operated by a single member of staff, who have the permission to work with the installations with voltages of 1000 V and over. The operator should have at least 3rd level of appropriate Safety Regulations for working with installations with voltages of 1000 V and over.