Digital Oscilloscope DS1000Z Rigol

Mã sản phẩm: DS1000Z |
Thương hiệu: Rigol

Giá bán: Liên hệ

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Thông tin sản phẩm
Product Highlights

1 GSa/s real-time sample rate of the analog channels; up to 24 Mpts memory depth (optional) and 12 Mpts standard memory depth
4 analog channels, 16 digital channels (MSO upgradable for DS1000Z Plus)
Dual-channel 25 MHz signal source (applicable to digital oscilloscopes with source channels)

Adjustable waveform brightness
Auto setting of waveform display (AUTO)
Up to 15 kinds of trigger functions, including various protocol triggers
30 000 wfms/s (dots display) waveform capture rate
Real-time hardware waveform recording and playback functions; up to 60 000 frames of waveform can be recorded
MSO field upgradable with MSO1000Z upgrade package (MSO upgrade option, only for DS1000Z Plus)
Intensity graded color display
Low base noise, 1 mV/div to 10 V/div ultra-wide vertical dynamic range
100 MHz, 70 MHz and 50 MHz analog channel bandwidth
Supports remote command control
Built-in help to facilitate information acquisition
Novel and delicate industrial design and easy operation
7.0 inch WVGA (800*480) TFT LCD, with ultra-wide screen, vivid picture, low power consumption and long service life
1 GSa/s real-time sample rate of the digital channels
Standard parallel decoding, supports multiple serial decoding options
Auto measurement of 37 waveform parameters (with statistics)
Fine delayed sweep function
Built-in FFT function
Multiple waveform math operation functions
Pass/fail test function
Standard interfaces: USB Device, USB Host, LAN and Aux
Conform to LXI CORE 2011 DEVICE class instrument standards; enable quick, economic and efficient creation and reconfiguration of test system
Supports multiple languages and Chinese/English input