Digital Oscilloscope DS1000D Rigol

Mã sản phẩm: DS1000D |
Thương hiệu: Rigol

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Product Highlights

  • Dual analog channels, 1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate and 25GSa/s maximum equivalent sample rate, Bandwidth of per channel: 100MHz (DS1102D) 50MHz (DS1052D)
    • Enable to measure 22 types of wave parameters and track measurements via cursor automatically
  • Optional 16 digital channels (DS1000D series), each channel can be turned on or off independently, or in a 8 bit group
  • 5.6 inch and 64 k TFT LCD
    • Built-in help menu enables information getting more convenient
      • Built-in FFT function, hold practical digital filters
  • Abundant trigger types: Edge, Pulse Width, Video, Slope, Alternate, Pattern and Duration Trigger (Only for DS1000D series)
  • Unique adjustable trigger sensitivity enables to meet different demands
  • Unique waveform record and replay function
  • Fine delayed scan function
  • Pass/Fail detection function enables to output testing results
  • Math operations available to multiple waves
    • Waveform intensity can be adjusted
    • To display a signal automatically by AUTO
  • Powerful PC application software UltraScope
  • Standard configuration interface: USB Device, USB Host ,RS-232 and support USB storage device storage and PictBridge print standards
  • The new function “Special Mode” can meet the needs of industrial production
  • Support for remote command control
    • Provide 4 types of digital filters: LPF, HPF, BPF, BRF
  • Multiple Language User Interface, support Chinese & English input
  • Can store files into USB storage device or the internal memory
  • Pop-up menu makes it easy to read and use

Model DS1102D DS1052D
Bandwidth 100 MHz 50 MHz
Analog Channels 2
Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div - 10V/div
Real-time Sample Rate 1 GSa/s(each channel),500 MSa/s(dual channels)
Equivalent Sample Rate 25 GSa/s 10 GSa/s
Standard Interface USB Host & Device, RS-232, P/F Out
Vertical Resolution 8 bits
Math +, -, ×, FFT
Max Input Voltage All inputs 1MΩ‖15pF 300 V RMS CAT I
Cursor Measurements Manual, Track and Auto Measure modes