Thông tin sản phẩm
Typical qualities of TESA inductive probe: excellent repeatability, durability and longevity.
• All TESA electronic probes are mounted on ball bearings, except for miniature axial probes. 
• The ball bearing guidance system is highly insensitive to radial forces exerted on the measuring rod. An anti-rotation device ensures a perfect movement of the mechanical guiding system.
• The guides of axial probes are highly protected against penetration of liquids (oil) or solids (dust) through protective bellows of elastomeric quality.
• The retraction (lifting) of the measuring rod can be done by the spring force. Similarly, the probe can be moved into its measuring position by a pneumatic activation (pressure), depending on the probe model.
• The inserts (measuring inserts) can be replaced or exchanged. A wide choice of geometrical shapes and sizes are available
• The measuring force can be adjusted by changing the spring, depending on the probe model.