Thông tin sản phẩm
Compact design with analogue indication and value classification of measured values. Aluminium housing, designed for shop floor applications, user-friendly.
- Easy-to-read analogue display with mirror strip in order to avoid parallax error. 
- 6 measuring ranges.
  Metric/Inch conversion.
- Zero setting potentiometer for display.
- 2 probe inputs for single, sum or difference measurements.
- 1 auxiliary signal input, e.g. for all correction values.
- Colour LEDs of green for "Good", yellow for "Rework" and red for "Scrap".
- Potentiometer for setting limit tolerances.
- Polarity reverse switch for classification signals (internal or external dimensions).
- Switch for locking or unlocking a displayed value.
- Analogue output for a display unit or external recording.