Thông tin sản phẩm
- Functional reliability.
- User-friendly.
- Essential for inspection in production or metrology laboratory.
Combined digital and analogue indication
2 probe inputs for single measurements, sum and difference measurements
• Large LC display for comfortable and error-free reading.
• Pseudo-analogue bargraph indication for a better repeatability and negligible hysteresis
• Choice between pointer or bargraph indication.
• LCD display for all functions.
• 7 measuring ranges, switchable manually or automatically according to the measured value.
• Direct conversion from metric to inch units.
• Touch button for the indication setting of of each measuring channel.
• Keys for introducing limit values
• Classification of values (3 classes) and display through colour LEDs with signal outputs.
• Locking of displayed values for step by step measurement routines.
• Automatic recognition of the type of connected TESA probe with adaptation of the measurement signals to the value of output connected (valid only for TESA probes produced from 1997 onwards).
• Opto-coupled RS232 output, bidirectional.
• Power supply through mains adapter.
Electronic instrument with analogue and digital display. 
– 2 probe inputs 
– 7 ranges
– Resolution 0,10 microns 
– Signal relay outputs for single acceptance class
– RS232 output 

In addition for the TT 60: 
– Memory
– Dynamic measurement 
– Signal relay outputs for 5, 10, 20 or 40 acceptance classes 
– Analog port