Advanced Multi-Simulator Systems Spectracom

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Advanced Multi-Simulator Systems
Hãng: Spectracom

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GSG Series GPS simulators are exquisitly synchronized to accurately generate constellations of global navigation satellites, and other signals, through its single multi-channel output, which opens up more opportunity.
The benefit of accurately timed signals is the ability to synchronize several units to construct advanced test systems and pseudolite-like infrastructure.
Multiple RF outputs can be combined to create rich test environments with hundreds of signals.
Create tests for controlled radiation pattern arrays by generating direction-specific signals.
Test resiliency against spoofing scenarios where one unit is simulating live sky and another is attempting a take-over of GPS navigation.
Generate live sky GPS signals to act as an intelligent repeater system for a GPS-denied environment. 

For Advanced Test Systems
Each simulator's high quality crystal oscillator can be synchronized to a common precise 10 MHz reference clock via an external input.
A common trigger pulse synchronizes the start of the test scenarios across multiple units.

For Synchronization to Live Sky
A "Simulate Now" feature synchronizes to the exact date and time by an NTP server, and...
Downloads and uses the same satellite ephemeris data as being broadcast in the GPS message.